After toiling with the idea of coming back to blogging, the thought of picking up my old blog where I left off didn’t fill me with much excitement. Instead I just felt overwhelmed by it. By all the goals and challenges I had set myself and then by my abandonment of Yasmine Rose Reads Books. This new blog is an attempt to scale back and focus on what I truly find important in my reading. As such a personal experience, the books I read continually shape my thoughts, opinions and my entire being and that’s what I want this new blog to represent.

My interests lie in feminism and reading female authors. There’s just so much to uncover in the wealth of female literature out there. I like to read a diverse range of women and texts and want to make a concerted effort to read more BAME and LGBTQIA authors, as well as Women In Translation.

If you have any bookish suggestions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!