Feminist Sunday #17


Feminist Sunday is a weekly roundup of all the articles/threads/news/discoveries that include or are about women which have caught my attention and/or interest.



I’m back to blogging after a week’s absence. From working twelve days straight, trying to keep on top of writing, participating in Plastic Free July and my yoga practice I think I definitely burnt myself out mentally and physically. However, I feel really refreshed after taking a short break!

In terms of my reading over the past couple of weeks I have actually slowed down immensely. I finished Your Silence Will Not Protect You by Audre Lorde and found the essays and speeches so empowering even though I had read the majority of them before in Sister Outsider. Since then I have been switching between a non-fiction book I borrowed from a friend, entitled How To Read Water: Clues and Patterns from Puddles to the Sea, which seemed all too appropriate given the fact that I am surrounded by the sea, and Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder – a novel on the history of philosophy. I’ve always been fascinated by philosophy but also find it a very vast and daunting topic. Sophie’s World seems like the perfect introduction!

Here are some interesting bookish/feminist related articles I’ve been reading on the web these past couple of weeks:

  • Here is a short story posted on The New Yorker from a writer who is firmly rooting herself in my top favourite authors the more and more I read of her: ‘Now More Than Ever’ by Zadie Smith. ‘To the suffering person suffering is solely suffering. It is only for others, as a symbol, that suffering takes on any meaning or purpose.’


  • I love Virago Press’ Friday Feminism posts on Twitter – this week I discovered ‘gender letter’ on The New York Times website through Virago. It’s a weekly dose of feminist news straight to your inbox, however, you can also read previous articles here on their website.









  • Bookshops are a rarity here in Maldives. Although there are a few decent online options, I wanted to bring everyone’s attention to a quaint little gem hidden away in the concrete jungle that is Malé. My Wonderbox has a stunning collection of children’s books – many of which bring back memories of my own childhood – and YA fiction. However, it also has a (very) small, but carefully curated, collection of general fiction. Although many of the books I already possessed – like Zadie Smith’s Swing Time and Sarah Perry’s The Essex Serpent (which I have yet to read on my ereader) – I was impressed by the collection. For my first purchase I decided on a collection of short stories on the topic of ‘cruelty’ by one of my favourite children’s authors, Roald Dahl.

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