Feminist Sunday #8


Feminist Sunday is a weekly roundup of all the articles/threads/news/discoveries that include or are about women which have caught my attention and/or interest.



Living on a farm in the middle of nowhere has made it very difficult to keep up with regular posting. I tried to schedule my Wednesday reviews to publish on time but accidentally scheduled my last post for February instead of March (hence why there wasn’t a new post this week)! My Wednesday posts will return next week but my Friday and Sunday posts may be a bit sporadic in the upcoming month.

In terms of reading this week, I had a little bit of a break for a few days but have started on Emily St. John Mandel’s sci-fi novel, Station Eleven, which I’m really enjoying so far. I’ve also been delving in and out of Womankind Magazine, Issue 15, which has been teaching me a lot about Tibetan Buddhism and compassion.

Here are a few of the feminist-bookish related things I spotted on the web this week:

  • You can now listen to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Reni Eddo-Lodge in conversation from the WOW Festival over International Women’s Day here! It was a really interesting and insightful conversation about race and feminism.




  • I’ve been trying to write more creatively this year so I found this article by Australian writer, Sally Hepworth, really interesting: On Evolution as a Writer.


  • Womankind has always been a favourite magazine of mine since I found their first issue in Hong Kong a few years ago. They have a range of reading material on their website here.


  • I picked up a programme for the Auckland Writers Festival (which will be taking place in May) the other day at the local library. Although I’m not sure if I will be anywhere near Auckland in May, I found a New Zealand literary prize with a load of Kiwi writers I have put on my wishlist. Here is the shortlist for the Ockham New Zealand Book Awards 2018, there are a number of fantastic sounding books written by women.



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