Feminist Sunday #6


Feminist Sunday is a weekly roundup of all the articles/threads/news/discoveries that include or are about women which have caught my attention and/or interest.



My reading has slowed down considerably over the past week. I’ve kind of lost momentum with Fiona Mozley’s Elmet, which I really enjoyed at the beginning but can’t quite get back into now. I began Slouching Toward Bethlehem by Joan Didion yesterday though, which has reinvigorated by enjoyment of reading again. Perhaps I just needed a bit of a break from fiction. I’ll hopefully get stuck back into Elmet this week and finally finish it.

Here are some of the interesting feminist/bookish related things I have read on the net this week:

  • I found a brilliant intersectional feminist podcast which I’m looking forward to exploring: Kicking the Kyriarchy.


  • Another reason to read Audre Lorde’s powerful collection of essays, Sister Outsider, by the award-winning author, Min Jin Lee.



  • Stemming from the treatment of Irish women writers in the publication of The Cambridge Companion to Irish Poets from Cambridge University Press last year, which created the Fired movement, Lagan Online have compiled a list of Irish anthologies to highlight the representation – or lack thereof – women writers. They’ve also included a brilliant list of anthologies specifically focusing on Irish women writers here.



  • Episode 15 of Stance is out now. Listen to Chrystal Genesis and Heta Fell discuss modern day witches here.

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