Feminist Sunday #1


Feminist Sunday is a weekly roundup of all the articles/threads/news/discoveries that include or are about women which have caught my attention and/or interest.



Happy Sunday folks! I’ve spent a long time thinking about this feature, trying to decide how and what I want to achieve with it. My overall aim is to highlight positive contributions to the ever varied and evolving feminist community that I have come across in the week just gone. Reading through the mainstream news outlets always leaves me feeling drained and fed up with how the media chooses to cover certain stories and the repetitive angles they always seem to take. Instead I want to use this little corner of the web to gather up articles which celebrate women and/or discover new (or just new to me) female creators who are bringing feminism back to the most important issues that face us today.

Here is my roundup of some of the interesting things I have found on the web this week:


  • I’ve only been able to go once before, but I am an avid supporter of the WOW Festival at the Southbank Centre, which is held every year around International Women’s Day in March (you can watch many of the interesting talks from over the years on YouTube). Jude Kelly will be extending the reach of this thoughtful and inclusive festival by stepping down as the Southbank director and investing all her time and energy in setting up similar festivals around the world – Southbank director Jude Kelly: ‘Saying you’re a feminist is not enough’.


  • ZED Books is a unique Indie publishing house with over 40 years experience of publishing a range of non-fiction work from marginalised voices. I think a lot of these are going to end up on my wish list this year.


  • I feel like the media is doing a good job recently of turning the #MeToo movement into an intergenerational catfight of sorts which is, cunningly, detracting from the main message of why this campaign is so essential. The Healing Power of #MeToo on Woman As Subject is a beautiful reminder of how shame is often misplaced and how important and courageous it is to speak out. Also, on The Week website Lili Loofbourow has written an insightful essay on The female price of male pleasure.



  • In honour of Angela Davis’ birthday, which was on the 26th, here she is with Toni Morrison discussing Connecting for Progress back in 2016. Or you can watch her in conversation with Jude Kelly at the WOW Festival last year. She really is someone I need to read more of!


  • A relatively new discovery for me, Stance podcast turned 1 this week! Hosted by Chrystal Genesis and Heta Fell, Stance is an arts, culture and current affairs podcast which explores diverse, global perspectives. It’s my favourite podcast to date and is so informative. I learn a myriad of new things each episode, which makes me impassioned and often excited about the future of media and its representation of women.




  • On BB3 tonight there is an interesting documentary called Free CeCe, produced by Laverne Cox (of Orange is the New Black fame), which tells the story of CeCe McDonald – a trans woman of colour – who was jailed for manslaughter after stabbing a man who launched a racial and transphobic attack against her in 2011. You can find the promotional trailer for it here.


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